Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Make Disciples--It's just that Simple

Love Francis Chan. . .He cuts to the chase.  May we be people who don't blur what God has made clear and overlook the obvious.   God has called us to make disciples.  The command is simple and clear, yet too often ignored.  Do I. . .do you. . .do we take that command seriously?


Anonymous said...

LOL He really does get to the point! I love the “I can say it in Greek” line. There are many aspects of discipleship and while they are all good, rewarding and at times necessary, they can also cloud the pure message. Sometimes unbeknownst to ourselves, we can weave a barrier between us and what we should do. This intricate web-like barrier is oddly built from material that should be used to strengthen our resolve and help us with the message. And I confess to my share of web-spinning.

While “Pilgrim’s Progress” highlights some of the pitfalls, C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters” also makes such dangers known. Yet even as I mention these two works, it adds to that barrier in academic threads of argument.

In our hearts we know what we should do. But also residing in most of our hearts is fear. How far are we willing to step outside our safety zone? If only invoking Latin or Greek would banish such fear. It is the 800 pound paper gorilla that has taken residence and who won’t be ignored. It is nothing in reality yet it is everything in perception.

So how do we tear the web away and cast out the nothing that appears to be something? My gut tells me no amount of knowledge or wit can do that. It requires something more visceral. It requires courage.

Anyone have any courage to spare?

Steve Kocemba

Nellie Dee said...

I love his direct approach and humorous delivery. It definitely packs a punch.

The problem I believe is that often times we don't know where to start. How does one make a disciple? We are so isolated. Even our families are dispersed and we are virtually independent units all trying to survive on our own.

This morning as I read the first verse in Is. 40, it says, "comfort, comfort My people". I asked, How? How would I do this? Where?
It says, "with words...gentle words, tender words and kind words."
Tender and kind words would do wonders, to be sure...but the best part? Verse 5 says that the Lord Himself will really be revealed among us and all flesh will see it. That's the radiant glory of the Lord in all His fullness. Now that would be some serious encouragement and comfort. That would make some disciples!